Projects & Programmes

The MDT plans for uninterrupted growth and implement projects in line with the Integrated Development Program, National Development Plan as well as the National Disability Plan, so that models for further application can be created. This is done with the hope that some of the programmes at the Trust will eventually be used as models by other organisations in other disability structures.

Socio-Economic Development

Maphalane Trust is invested in developing the sustainable livelihood of households and communities, and redistributive social interventions.

Education Development

The focus of the Maphalane Disability Trust has been largely on education and development where most of our funding is directed.

Economic Development

We strive towards developing the lives of the disabled community on a long term basis and prioritise the sustainability in each project.

Health Care Promotion

Developing sustainable According to StatsSA (2011) in Northern Cape alone, about 48 000 people are living with disability.

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