Our Focus Areas

It is estimated that 5.12% of the population are living with disability in South Africa. According to StatsSA (2011) in the Northern Cape alone, about 48 000 people are living with disability. Research indicates that there is a link between poverty, disability and education, and that more women are living with disability than men. The South African Government through its Integrated National Disability Strategy (NDS) has committed to approaching disability from a Social development perspective (Patel,2005), that is: increase the capabilities of individuals; develop sustainable livelihood of household and communities, and; redistributive social interventions.


In keeping with these objectives, the MDT under the guidance of SIOC-cdt has therefore committed itself so aligning its strategic objectives to the Millennium Development Goals, the INDS and SIOC-cdt objectives in order to meet the needs of people with disability in the designated areas of operation.

SIOC-cdt is currently the primary and only funder of the MDT and the Trust receives 10% of the funding allocations of the total funds distributed by SIOC-cdt on an annual basis.The focus of the Trust has been largely on education and development.We strive towards developing the lives of the disabled community on a long term basis. As part of the process and ensuring implementation of legacy Projects, the trust prioritises sustainability in each projects. We incorporate process plans as well as sustainability plans into each project.

The intention is for our community to be independent and have the support from the strategic organizations as well as the relevant stakeholders, The process is driven by our Social Projects Department.

Socio-Eco Infrastructure

Education Development

Economic Development

Health Care Promotion

Our Mandate, Vision & Mission

The mandate of the Trust, as per the Trust Deed, is to promote the well-being and holistic development of all persons with disabilities in the Northern Cape (NC) and in the Thabazimbi Local Municipality (TLM) to ensure their effective participation in all activities.

The vision of the MDT is: A leading organisation changing the lives of persons with disabilities. Included in the mandate is the intent to support and foster the holistic development of people with disabilities, and their effective participation in all activities.

The mission, derived for the Trust from the above vision and mandate, is to invest in the capabilities and potential of persons with disabilities and thereby creating a caring environment in which persons with disabilities’ dignity and respect are enhanced and restored. The slogan of the Trust is: Fostering attitude change towards disability

The values of the Trust is its call to action. These values personify the organisation as one with a set purpose, exemplified in the collective behaviour of all leaders and personnel which are embraced in all its decisions, namely that being:


INTEGRITY: We are honest and fair in all our actions and show respect for all our stakeholders by being transparent and true to our cause. CARING: We are committed and responsive to restoring the dignity of the people living with disability. EMPOWERMENT: We see the ability in the disabled, fostering their (each one’s) potential. EXCELLENCE: We give our best in what we do. COLLABORATION: We walk alongside our stakeholders, forming partnerships to achieve our common goals. ACCOUNTABLE: We are dependable.

What is Maphalane Disability Trust doing to improve the lives of those suffering with disability?